CP Prima Prime exports of catfish to Saudi Arabia
27 May 2019

To develop national fisheries products, PT. Central Proteina Prima together with the government and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries took the opportunity to contribute in exporting Pangasius products to Saudi Arabia. As we know, Indonesian Pangasius production increased by 22.2% from 319,966 tons in 2017 to 391,151 tons in 2018 with major center of production is in East Java, Tulungagung, North Sumatra, Lampung, and others.

The export of Pangasius to Saudi Arabia is the first time for Indonesia that aims as a need for pilgrims from Indonesia. In this first export, Indonesia sent 11 containers equivalent to 236.5 tons. which is the number of catfish supply needs for Hajj pilgrims in 2019 of 540 tons. CP Prima offers two types of patin products, including 172 tons of Portion Cut products and 64.5 tons of fillets. Hopefully the export of catfish to Saudi Arabia will make Indonesian catfish farmers more advanced, also PT Central Pertiwi Bahari and Indonesian fish products will be increasingly recognized in various other countries.


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