Penetasan Telur Ikan
Our hatcheries are maintained closely, employing latest technologies for high quality fish cultivation

Fish Hatchery

Contrinuing our success of shrimp hatcheries, CP Prima has widen their wings by introducing numerous fish hatcheries located across the rich lands of Indonesia. Not far from the shrimp hatcheries, our fish hatcheries are supported with latest technologies and are maintained closely for the naturality of its ponds and environment.

CP Prima have continously trained the local farmers in ensuring the optimum condition for the eggs to hatch, providing high quality feeds for stronger growth and health. Our labs and technologies are designed carefully, with high quality and latest equipment like ozonation, water management system, natural food production up to strict quality control to produce a high quality and diesease-resistant fishes. Our hatcheries’ needs are supplied by our self-own broodstock production centers, ensuring the set quality are met.

Today, our fish hatchery results have gained trust from both domestic and international markets, certified for our farming practices like CBIB (Best Hatchery Practice) presented by the Local Ministry of Marine and Fisheries Affairs, up to aquaculture cultivation certifications from the international world.