Seafood Expo 2016, in Brussels Belgium.
06 June 2016

Seafood Expo Global was held on April 26th-28th 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. This was the biggest annual seafood expo in the world since 1993 run by Diversified Communication. There were thousands of seafood company from more than 75 countries consist of importer, exporter, wholesalers, restaurants, supermarket, hotel, food service, and other professional seafood companies.

Nowadays, the standard of the world’s seafood product has shifted. In prior, certification of seafood fishing and cultivating product were only as additional requirement; but now it is as main requirement. Almost all of big seafood product agent in the world made certification as a first step to conduct a business. Specifically for retailers in England, other than standard certification such as BRC (British Retailers Consortium), GG (GlobalGAP), ASC (Aquaculture Stewarship Council) which possess their own high standard of CoP (Code of Practice). In order to be able to get their supply of product, we also need to pass the standard audit of these retailers. There are a lot of factors that need to be prepared and also cost to meet these standards. This venture business chain is interdependently connected, starting from the quality of Hatchery PlantFeed Mill PlantFarm, and Proccesing Plant.

There is not much of full-certified shrimp supplier in the world that can meet the market demand as applied standard. CP PRIMA is one of few companies which can meet the criteria. As in Indonesia, CP PRIMA is the only one that can emerge and sell products to retailer in England. This is all because of strong efforts, commitment, and investment we have done to support production from hatchery to exporting, all of those are managed and monitored well by CP PRIMA.

The reason why Europe is an important market target is because Europe becomes the place where customers with high purchasing power are. There are some well known wholesaler such as Wallmart, Costco, Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, etc.

Based on statistic of Seafood Expo in Brussel 2015, more than 86% of expo visitor invented new product or new company for their business, and 82% of participant do this business. Therefore, since 2003, CP PRIMA always attends Brussel Seafood Expo every year to be able to introduce high quality product and full-certified such as ASC (Aquaculture Stewarship Council), GG (GlobalGAP), BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), BRC (British Retailers Consortium), and etc. In the other hand, the expo gives benefit and good impact by finding various prospect buyer. Brand awareness of CP PRIMA is getting higher in international level to start new exporting markets.

Seafood Expo Global 2016, in Brussel Belgium.