"Osaka", Ornamental Fish Feed Quality Featured
24 December 2016

As one of the leading manufacturers of pet food in Indonesia, PT. Central protein Prima Tbk. particularly Petfood division or better known as CPPETFOOD always committed to produce and distribute the best quality of pet food. This is in line with the development of ornamental fish hobbyist’s industry including goldfish as one proof of the growing state contests of ornamental fish.

Coinciding with BRINUSATIC 2016 at ICE BSD in 16th - 18th December 2016, CPPETFOOD re-launch one of its flagship products ornamental fish feed, OSAKA, with refined formulas and nutrients as well as using more exclusive packaging.

At this event, fish hobbyists earned the latest education while gathering with ornamental fish communities and also shared the experiences and knowledge.

"BRINUSATIC as a proof of the greatness of this industry, and we understand that the ornamental fish hobbyists will not break through generations because it is not enclosed to a particular age group or gender, starting from the age of childhood to adulthood, men and women. In line with this OSAKA "born again with a new concept" to be more friendly with fish hobbyists where NEW OSAKA has been supplemented with vitamins and minerals that are complete, balanced, and enriched with spirulina and astaxanthin which are helpful to release the beauty of the origin color of ornamental fish ", said Mr. Ahmad Fachrur Rival (Alul) as GM Marketing of CPPETFOOD.

"Not only that, the new formula also uses a type of floating and does not make the water murky," Alul added.

This refined formula is believed to give added value to goldfish hobbyists in accordance with Osaka Brand tagline "Fish Food Specialist".

BRINUSATIC 2016 at ICE BSD in 16th - 18th December 2016.