Nila Fish Become a New Primadona in Tasikmalaya
13 October 2016

Tasikmalaya - The consumption of Nila fish has become the new primadona of the freshwater fishing industry in Tasikmalaya and its surroundings. Unfortunately, the surge in demand that occurred during the past year was not offset by the ability of Nila fish production in the region.

Sindu Hermawan, General Manager Feed Marketing PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) of West Java area said that, the number of freshwater fish consumption in Tasikmalaya and its surroundings could reach 20 tons per-day. Unfortunately, Tasikmalaya only could provide one ton fish per-day, while the rest is supplied from Cirata and Jatiluhur, West Java.However, this condition is ironic considering with abundant fishery potential in Tasikmalaya.

According to Sindu, the environment in Tasikmalaya is very supportive and suitable for Nila fish cultivation. “Nila is very suitable cultivated in low temperature water like in Tasikmalaya and more robust over disease. Different with Mas fish, which is susceptible to diseases such as KHV. Those factors that makes Nila easier to be developed in Tasikmalaya.” said Sindu.

Sindu addmore potential in terms of increasing the price of Nila. Last year, price of Nila reached Rp 15.000/kg and now on average Rp 20.000/kg. Unlike Mas fish that actually decreased. Last year Mas fish price is at Rp 19.000/kg and now decrease to Rp 16.000/kg. According to him, the price increase is due to a shift of consumer interest to Nila fish.

To increase the power of Nila fish farmers in Tasikmalaya, CP Prima held an event named “Peningkatkan Perekonomian Rakyat Melalui Budidaya Ikan Nila Secara Baik, Benar dan Berkelanjutan” followed by representatives of the local fisheries department, Nila fish farmers, and feed agent in Kopotren Fat-hiyyah Al Idrisiyyah, Tasikmalaya.

The event participants responded positively to the Workshop. Businesspersons fisheries, which is also the Chairman of Kopontren, Ust. Aka Bonanza said that events like this is eagerly awaited and many farmers hope the activities initiated by CP Prima like this can continue to be made, so that the potential of fishery owned by Tasikmalayacan be maximized.

This kind of fishery extention activities is often held by CP Prima in various areas ranging from Aceh to NTB, with the aim to educate the general public about the role of the fisheries sector which can improve the people’s economy. “This is one form of a real support from company on government programs in the field of maritime.” Said Frahma Alamiarso, Head of Corporate Communication CP Prima. ***

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