General Meeting of Shareholders PT. Central Proteina Prima
30 June 2016

On June 24th, 2016 there was a General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) of PT. Central Proteina Prima in Hotel Mandarin Jakarta with distinctive agenda: Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders with Annual Public Explanation which was attended by approximately 400 invited shareholder. The meeting was started and lead by Mr. (Jend. Purn.) Fachrul Razi as President Commissioner of PT. Central Proteina Prima.

Followed by explanation from Mr. Irwan Tirtariyadi as President Director of PT. Central Proteina Prima, who explained that the sales of PT. Central Proteina Prima Tbk. in the first quarter of 2016 reached Rp 2.3 trillion or rises for about up to 2.6 % compared to the same period at previous year of Rp 2.27 trillion (YoY).The increasing of sales was driven by the escalation of sales of fish feed products which reached Rp 1.35 trillion.

However, the shrimp product sales decreased from Rp 882 billion to Rp 714 billion, meanwhile for the shrimp seedling sales is Rp 98 billion, and other products such as processed freshwater fish is Rp 160 billion. Company's gross profit in the first quarter of 2016 declined 12% from Rp 378 billion to Rp 333 billion.

Total sales in 2016 is targeted to reach Rp 9.6 trillion. To achieve that goal, the company will undertake a number of efforts such as launching a new shrimp processed products for the domestic market and increase product value-added shrimp to the United States, Europe, and China market.

In Extraordinary General Meeting, the company has well-accepting the resignation of Mr. Mahar Atanta Sembiring, as Commissioner of PT. Central Proteina Prima. The dismissal with honor and given a release and full acquaintanceon action to control the company during his tenure, as long as such actions do not violate the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Company and the prevailing regulations. So that the composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of the company are as follows :                                                          

Board of Commissioners :

President Commissioner         :  Fachrul Razi

Vice President commissioner :  Franciscus Affandy

Independent Commissioner   :  Djoko Muhammad Basoeki

Independent Commissioner   :  Eko Putro Sandjojo

Commissioner                           :  Jimmy Joeng   

Board of Directors  :

President Director          :  Irwan Tirtariyadi

Vice President Director :  Saleh Yu

Vice President Director : Sutanto Surjadjaja

Independent Director    :  Achmad Wahyudi

Director                            :  Emannuel Ramli

Director                            :  Sidarta Sidik

Director                            :  Aris Wijayanto

Director                            :  Fredy Robin Sumendap