Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2016
10 May 2016

Galeri APA 2016

Asia Pasific Aquaculture (APA) was held on April 26th-29th April 2016 in Grand Citi Surabaya has become one of the largest expos in Indonesia this year. Followed by around 241 exhibitors from all over 24 countries and 4300 visitors in four days of expo, APA was a good moment to show the readiness of national seafood cultivating to up against the challenge regionally or even globally.

Beside expo itself, there was also an international-standard seminar which gave a big advantage to the continuous development of seafood cultivating in Indonesia, since the seminar was capable of inviting investors and introducing the new and continuous seafood cultivating technology. With the huge natural resources that Indonesia possesses and the value of aquaculture worth as US$ 80 billion per year, we need to maximize it wisely and continuously to support the economics and escalation of community wellbeing, in line with this year’s APA theme, “Profitability, Sustainability and Responsibility for The Future”.

In APA 2016, CP Prima as the biggest aquaculture in Indonesia promoted various top products for Feed, Food, Farm, Hatchery, and Probiotics as well as work program that have been successfully done, such as “Kampung Vanamei, “RT Vanamei”, “KSO”, “Patin untuk Negeri”, "Petfood", "Ayo Makan Ikan” in form of brochures and videos during the expo.

CP Prima also received the honor to be the example of site visit for APA 2016’s participants in order to see the program of Kampung Vanamei, RT Vanamei and Partial Harvest which have been successfully implemented in Probolinggo area, Kwanyar Madura and Kedung Peluk Sidorajo, East Java.