SMP Program implementation at CPB Pondsite Lampung.
15 August 2016

Since March 2016, PT. CP Prima started on implementing SMP(Sipon laba-laba, Modifikasi Kincir, dan Partial Harvest) Program in its shrimp fishponds. It is hoped that this program may escalate the production of fishpond. SMP Program is implemented to tackle cultivation’s problem such as water quality, oxygen supply, and mortality.

By using siponlaba-laba, farmers could use the sipon just by opening disposal water pipe. It can be done whenever needed with optimum siponresult. “By using this sipon, the water quality in fishpond can be properly maintained and the bottom of the pond will be clean.” said YohanesKristianto, Head of Aquaculture Support.

Waterwheel modification is also applied by Aqua Team in order to produce dissolved oxygen which is highly needed by shrimps. Whereas partial harvest is built to tackle dense population of shrimps; so that the rest of shrimps’ growth left in fishpond can be better.

This program which has been socialized on February 2016 received warm welcome by farmers. “I do not feel any hesitations regarding on SMP Program. By applying this method, my shrimp cultivation can reach up to 4 tons with each shrimp can weigh up to 15 grams. Feed convertion ratio (FCR) and DOC can also exceed above standards; hence my cultivation earns profit.” said one of the farmer inBlok 71 Tanjung Krosok Sugiyono. Tarpin A Nasri (tarpin.nasri@cpp.co.id)

Siponlaba-laba, Waterwheel modification, Partial harvest