PT. Centralpertiwi Bahari Gives Scholarships for Top Ranking Students
15 August 2016

BRATASENA ADIWARNA-TULANG BAWANG--- PT. Central Pertiwi Bahari provided scholarships to elementary and junior high school students in its shrimp cultivation area for their achievements. The scholarships were given by Farmers Relation & Communication Division to 63 chosen students of SD Tunas Bangsa, SD Negeri 1 Bratasena Mandiri, SD Negeri 1 Bratasena Adiwarna dan SMP Negeri 1 Dente-Teladas. Those chosen students are the ones who exceed to next grade with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rank.

“I am so happy to receive this scholarship from CP Bahari and hopefully my spirit to study and reach my dreams can be more elevated.” said Albert Dwi Apriansyah, student of SMP Negeri 1 Dente-Teladas who goes to 9th grade. He is Maryudi’s son, a farmer who lives at Blok 01 Jalur 13 N0.15, succeeded on taking 1st rank and deserved getting Rp 480.000 scholarship. Same thing is also said by Suryaningsih, a student of Negeri 1 Dente-Teladas Dusun Muara Asri, Kampung Pendowo Asri who exceeds to 8th grade in 1st rank.

This scholarship is also done by Human Capital Division for employee’s children who get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rank in their schools. “I express my gratitude to CP Bahari which fully concerns on giving scholarships to top ranking students inside cultivation area as well as outside the area consistently.” said Barondi, a farmer who lives at Blok 81-02-06 and also parent of 7th grade student of Negeri 1 Dente-Teladas, Bernadita Setia Wardhani who gets 2nd rank and receives Rp 360.000. In the other hand, Widiya Pratiwi, an 8th grade student of SMP Negeri 1 Dente-Teladas spots 3rd rank and receives Rp 240.000. (TARPIN A.NASRI/PARYONO ADI WIBOWO)

CPB Scholarship Recipients