Governor Support the RTVE CP Prima program in Aceh.
09 August 2016

Pidie Jaya - Aceh Governor Dr. H. Zaini Abdullah, on Saturday (30/7) was visiting the Vannamei shrimp farming site in the village of Cot Nyong, Pidie Jaya. At the location of ponds belonging Raihannah, Doto Zaini doing partial harvest on Household Scale Vannamei which is fostered by PT Central proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima).

Doto Zaini said that the potential of vannamei shrimp cultivation in Aceh is very good to be developed in Aceh.

On the same occasion, Ir Maimun Saleh, General Manager Marketing Medan Operation CP Prima said, his team had tried to get into Aceh in 2011 and several times in coordination with the Government of the province. "We say that this vannamei is by Aceh, for Aceh, and from Aceh" said Maimun.
The process requires technology and knowledge carried out by Aceh residents themselves. For that, CP Prima in collaboration with several local universities will share its knowledge and technology. Until now, CP Prima has already sent 14 people to do on the job training about the management of shrimp farming in Surabaya and followed by similar training in several other areas.

"Hopefully vannamei village and household in Aceh can be developed as vannamei central production as in East Java and Central Java," said Maimun.

Aceh Governor responded well to CP Prima's efforts. " Based on the explanation of CP Prima, vanname shrimp can be a very good potential to be developed in Aceh to improve the economy of the people. For 1,000 meters’ land, the potential profits to be generated is Rp 70 million, with a very short processing time," said the Governor.

In response, the governor promised to hold a meeting with relevant authorities and practitioners to have further discussion about the potential development of vannamei shrimp in Aceh. (Yulian.riza@cpp.co.id)

Video : Partial harvest by Governor Zaini Abdullah