PT. Central Pertiwi Bahari is The Biiggest Shrimp exporter in Indonesia.
17 March 2016

Export Commodity

TRIBUN LAMPUNG. BANDAR LAMPUNG - Fishery commodity exporter in Lampung must immediately restructured. Therefore, countries importing Indonesian fishery products will apply increasingly stringent regulations. One was the United States (US), which became the main export market of fishery commodities from Lampung.

The country is currently preparing a bill that requires fishermen to explain the location of fish caught and the type of vessel and the type of nets they use. Even fishermen are required to explain the processing method.

According to the Head of Marine and Fisheries Lampung Setiato, throughout 2015 the export of fishery products in Lampung amounted to 27,458,146 kg with a value of US$ 44,485,007.8. Throughout this year, the biggest exporter is PT Central Pertiwi Bahari. The company is exporting total of 18,204,742.37 kg frozen shrimp with a value of US$ 174,264,036.

Company’s frozen shrimp is mostly exported to the United States with a number of 8,657,082.95 kg with a value of US$ 72,951,435.18. Then in December 2015, export of fishery products from Lampung amounting to 2,396,876.75 kg with a value of US$ 23,958,137.00. This number increased compared with November 2015, which stood at 2,283,981.38 kg with a value of US$ 21,836,638.80.

Based on BPS catalog "Lampung in Figures 2015", the volume of exports of fishery commodities from Lampung since 2012 continue to fall. Make a note of it, for frozen shrimp. In 2012, exports of frozen shrimp as many as 24,931 tons, then dropped to 22,721 tons (2013), then down again to 20,206 tons. For live fish export product, in the year of 2010-2012 are still exist. But since 2013, it was no longer exist. So are with seaweed exports. If in 2013 exported seaweed product is 418 tons, in 2014 plummeted to 157 tons. Because of the declining number of exports, the value of exports also followed. (Din/tna).