29 September 2016

Bandar Lampung -  PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) keeps on innovating and working in fisheries sector nationally. Starting from supply of fish seed, feedings, technical assistance, cooperation programs absorption of fish; especially patin, to processed fishery products done by CP Prima in order to elevate community economy by maximizing their existing resources.

To further improve the development of national fish market especially in Lampung, CP Prima continues on conducting various fishery development programs such as pond demonstration and farm trial in different locations. West Lampung is one example of development areas of nila fish that was successfully initiated by CP Prima. Now nila fish is rife cultivated there, whereas before, only a few people who know this commodity freshwater fish.

A series of activities conducted by CP Prima meant to support government’s program of work in maritime field. “Lampung has a great potential to be one of the centers of fisheries production; but unfortunately the supply of fresh water fish more came from West Java,” said Among Mukardiyanto, Head of Fish Feed Lower Sumatera CP Prima. It is because fish products in Lampung are not yet capable of fulfilling increasing demand. Fish market in Lampung itself is still dominated by catfish, patin, and nila.

Currently, the party is developing on cultivation of nila fish in Tanggamus area, patin fish in South Lampung, and also utilizing former sand quarry in East Lampung.

“Lampung is excellent in fish cultivating because it is well supported by natural factor which is availability of water resources,” he said.

CP Prima fish seed with its brand Hiprovite 781, 779,  Turbo T78 A have become the market leader in Lampung. This proves that CP Prima feed has become the ultimate choice to the fishery farmers.

Contacted separately, fishery farmers gave appreciation for the support committed by CP Prima. In addition to its fish feed production CP Prima quality, feed stock availability is guaranteed, as well as their team deployed to monitor and guide the fish farmers directly.

“The quality of feed is excellent, supported by good technology and feed composition. In addition, it is supported by technical team which is ready to guide monitor the success of fish farmers. This makes CP Prima become the market leader, "explains Aribun, a fish farmer in East Lampung.

Inaugurating Feed Barn

In order to expand the market scope and approach the fish farmers, CP Prima has recently inaugurated the feed barn in Lubuk Linggau, precisely in Tegal Rejo village, Hamlet I, District Tugu Mulyo, Musi Rawas, South Sumatra.

This inauguration was attended by Hendrata Wilson as Assistant Vice President of Aqua Feed Production, Martin Wiria Head of Fish Feed Lower Sumatra and West Java and other officials of CP Prima.

According to Among, feed barn was inaugurated in order to facilitate fish farmers in the surrounding area to get feed production CP Prima. "Barn capacity of 400 tons. For the time being, still dominated by fish feed products," said Among.

Great potential in Lubung Linggau pushed CP Prima to open the barn feeding fish in the area. In addition, the warehouse also serves to maintain the stability of the stock of fish feed for this region including buffer areas. Supply of fish feed shipped from CP Prima in Tanjung Bintang, Lampung.

In the presence of this feed barn, he added, the company expects sales growth occurs. "We maintain and build trust of customers who use feed production CP Prima to prepare a field technical team to monitor the growth of fish farming in Lubuk Linggau. It is done to support successful fish farmers. Products are marketed is 781. 781 N, T79, T78A, Star 888, "he said. ***

Inaugurated the feed barn in Lubuk Linggau.