CP Prima Celebrates Republic of Indonesia's 72nd Anniversary.
16 August 2017

To enliven the independence of the Republic of Indonesia to the 72nd year,

 PT Central Proteina Prima presents a series of event after event for

 together to rejoice in welcoming the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

The event was held on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 which is housed in Wisma GKBI Building 19th floor of Central Jakarta. Event after event was greeted with great enthusiasm by the employees of CP Prima with various - kinds of interesting race like race

 Go Clean, Intelligent Quiet, NKRI Costume Competition and Yel - Yel Competition. The event that was held especially by the Young Generation team CP Prima or GEMA turned out to make all employees feel entertained and happy together to welcome the Republic of Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day this year.

Hopefully in next year CP Prima, especially GEMA can hold event for more interesting event for all employees of PT Central Proteina Prima.

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